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UltraShine Vegan Moisture Shampoo

Product image 1Evolvh UltraShine Vegan Moisture Shampoo - Good Cubed Cruelty Free Online Beauty Marketplace
Product image 2UltraShine Vegan Moisture Shampoo

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Evolvh's natural shampoo is color safe and great for all hair types. Their proprietary phyto-blend of amino and fatty acids restore hair from the inside out.

Infuses nutrients for shine and strength
Repairs, restores, and prevents breakage and split-ends
Increases color retention
Created for dry, over-processed or frizzy hair that needs moisture
Formulated for fine hair that needs volume
Made for curly, thick or coarse hair that needs softness, manageability and less frizz
100% essential oil signature fragrance

8.5 fl. oz. / 250 ml

Cruelty-Free, Sulfate-Free, Paraben-Free, Vegan, Palm-Oil Free, Made in the USA, Gluten-Free

How To

Wet your hair in the shower, squeeze out a small amount of shampoo, and massage into hair and scalp. If you don’t get the explosive lather you desire, repeat with just a small amount of shampoo on the second pass. Rinse away with warm water, and follow with UltraShine Moisture Conditioner.


Water, pHytoBlend (proprietary concentrate blend of 20 herbs in an aqueous base), decyl glucose, disodium sulfosuccinate, cocamidopropyl betaine, lauryl glucose, coco polyglucose, seaweed extract, citrus aurantifolia, mango, lecithin, sunflower oil, soya, safflower oil, soy amino acids, vitamin C, wild pansy, sweet clover, apricot, nasturtium, nectarine, passion flower, citrus seed extract.

Safflower Oil moisturizes hair and scalp and promotes vasodilation for improved scalp health.
Amino Acids rebuild, strengthen, and boost elasticity.
Seaweed Extract moisturizes hair and scalp, promotes hair growth, and adds shine.

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