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About Us

At Good Cubed®, we believe a lot of good can come from your power as a consumer. Not only will your purchase help change demand for more cruelty-free products, but 1% of all proceeds will be donated to our rescue partnerRescue + Freedom Project, to support their work in giving animals a second chance at life, and paving the way for an end to animal testing and animal cruelty.

We're Zachary Elliott & Nicole Barton Elliott and we live in Miami with our son and two rescue dogs. We started Good Cubed in 2017, because as lifelong animal lovers, we wanted to find a way to help make cruelty-free beauty more the norm and less of a niche in the beauty industry. 

As there are still so many companies that test their products on animals and are able to market around it, we created a place where all the background work was done for you so that you could easily shop cruelty-free without having to search blogs, contact brands, or rely on conflicting cruelty-free lists on the internet. Our brands are like-minded in their desire to end animal testing, and are committed to alternative testing practices. 

Our mission is to connect you with wonderful, high-quality, effective, clean beauty products that are 100% cruelty-free, while also giving back to animals in need.

As a small business, we are the only employees at Good Cubed, so when you call to ask a question, you get one of us on the phone, and all of our fulfillment is done by one of us. Thank you for your support!


Many companies out there say they are cruelty-free, when they aren't. We go the extra mile to make sure you are truly putting cruelty-free products on your skin.


  • After extensive research into each of our brands, we also ask them to sign the following pledge stating their commitment to cruelty-free practices:
    • “Our company is a 100% cruelty-free company. We pledge that neither our products nor our ingredients were tested on animals in any country, either in our own capacity or on our behalf by a third-party. We furthermore pledge that we do not sell into the mainland Chinese market nor any other market that requires cosmetics or other beauty products to be tested on animals before being sold to consumers. We also confirm that we are not a subsidiary of a company that tests their products on animals. If any of the above changes, we will inform Good Cubed, LLC.”
  • The majority of our brands have been vetted and approved by the Cruelty-Cutter App, a third-party application created and run by Rescue + Freedom Project.
  • Most of our brands are also either Leaping Bunny or PETA certified.

We proudly only carry brands that are truly committed to alternative testing methods, sustainable practices, and using only the best, most-effective, and honest ingredients in their products.

That's our promise.

Zach, Nicole, Felix, Agnes & Cato

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