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Cruelty-Free Blogs & Publications

 The Good Trade

Founded in Los Angeles in November 2014, The Good Trade covers conscious fashion, beauty, food, wellness, travel, and lifestyle. Our readers are enthusiastic, conscious women and men who care deeply about the brands they support. 


Ethical Bunny

Ethical Bunny's website, cruelty-free database and blog is the manifestation of Svetlana's Mikhaylova's mission to "educate as many consumers and save as many lives as [she] can" after spending time working at an animal shelter and seeing first hand the suffering many animals endure. Clean, bright, informative, stylish, and with a lot of heart behind her posts, Ethical Bunny's blog is a great source for staying in the know about cruelty-free news and beauty.



Courtney, the person behind and PhyrraNyx on Youtube, is a writer and a beauty addict. She started blogging in 2008 and went cruelty-free in 2012. She shares honest reviews, how-to’s, tips and more to help you be fearlessly beautiful. She specializes in pale girl beauty, hooded eye makeup, cruelty-free beauty and fashion.


The Glamorganic Goddess

The Glamorganic Goddess is a healthy beauty + lifestyle site written by Danielle Messina – a sassy, young Breast Cancer Survivor with an incredible drive to become part of the solution!




María Elena Rodríguez is the founder of Ambinity. When she's not creating content for her blog, recording an episode for her podcast, Un aguacate a la vez, with my friend and co-host Silvia Vallejo, or reading about the latest wellness trends, I work as a freelance content creator and digital marketing consultant.


Cruelty-Free With Me

Claire is a voice for animals, a LOUD one. She also writes about plant-based food, health & fitness, fashion, beauty, and all things vegan. She’s here to show you how living a happy, and healthy life without harming others is not only possible but easy!

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