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Rewards Program

Join our Rewards Program! 

Signing up is easy! Simply click on the "Rewards Program" button on the bottom left of the screen (or the "+" on mobile), sign up, and begin earning (you'll get 250 rewards points, or Cubes, immediately just for signing up)! You can also click HERE.

Once you sign up, you will earn Cubes for every purchase (see details below). There are also lots of other ways to keep earning them (for instance, share us, review your products, have a birthday [that's our favorite one], etc.).

Then, when you get enough Cubes you can simply redeem them for free shipping, or $5, $10 or even $25 off your purchase! No hidden nothing, no percentage calculations. Just points, plain and simple, that turn into real rewards!


How to Earn Cubes

Initial Signup - 250 Cubes

Product Purchase - 1 Cube for every $1 spent

Share on Facebook or Twitter - 50 Cubes each

Follow us on Instagram - 50 Cubes

Like us on Facebook - 50 Cubes

Product Review - 200 Cubes 


How to Spend Cubes

$5 OFF - 250 Cubes

Free Shipping - 275 Cubes

$10 OFF - 475 Cubes

$25 OFF - 1000 Cubes



Share us with Friends! (Visit the Rewards Program pop-up, and scroll down to "Referrals" to get the link to copy and share.) If they purchase using your link:

You'll Get

a $5 off discount!


They'll Get

a 10% off coupon!


If you have any question about our rewards program please feel free to email us at

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